Service-Level Agreement

Last updated: November 26, 2020

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement between Lookuq APIs and its clients. SLA is considered as a commitment on service quality, to ensure benefits for all Clients. SLA specifies our responsibilities and refund policy in case we fail to meet these commitments.

Commitments in SLA:

  1. Service commitment

  2. Periodic system maintenance

  3. Exceptional case.

1. Service commitment

Lookuq APIs commits to putting its efforts in ensuring the monthly uptime of the system and its availability of at least 99.99% during the payment cycle in accordance with the service agreement. In case Lookuq APIs fails to meet the above commitments, you are eligible to recover the service fee in accordance with the following commitments.

1.1. Definitions

  • “Monthly Uptime” is the result of 100% deducting the percentage of the time that the system is in the “unavailable status”. Monthly uptime excludes maintenance time and exceptional cases specified in Article 2 and Article 3 in the service agreement. Only issues arising from our side, such as: Damages of new hardware, network equipment, hard drive and power supply are considered as our faults. Other issues related to management of virtual server as well as software running in the virtual server are considered as your fault and shall not be covered in this agreement.

  • “Unavailable status” is a status when our server cannot be connected.

1.2. Service fee compensation

Monthly Uptime              Service fee compensation

99% – < 99.9%                 10%

95% – < 99.0%                 25%

< 95%                                  50%

  • Lookuq APIs only applies the service fee compensation for your payment.

  • Service fee compensation shall be added to the balance for the next payment terms.

  • Service fee compensation shall not be refunded in cash.

  • Service fee compensation shall not be transferred or applied to other accounts.

1.3. Process of Receiving and Responding to Complaints

Claim and claim resolving procedure: For claims in case Lookuq APIs fails to meet the commitments, please send emails to If the claim is eligible, the compensation shall be added to your balance for the next payment terms.    

  • Eligible claims shall include the following information:

    • State clearly "SLA claim" in the mail subject

    • Specific date and time when the system is unavailable.

    • Identifying information of affected account.

    • Errors logs or screenshots of errors (Note: Sensitive confidential information should be censored or replaced with asterisks.)

Claims that do not provide the above information shall not be accepted.

  • Time to receive complaints: within three (3) months since the incident occurs; more than the above-mentioned time, Lookuq APIs shall not accept and resolve any relevant complaints.

  • Time to respond and resolve complaints: within 15 (fifteen) days since the day the complaint is received.

  • In case the Client is dissatisfied with the resolution documents of Lookuq APIs, the Client can resend feedback to Lookuq APIs; in this case, the Client’s feedback shall be received and processed as a new Complaint.

2. Periodic system maintenance

System maintenance is a mandatory task to ensure the continuity of service provided to the Client. Maintenance can be scheduled on any day of the week (including weekends) and can be done at any time of the day. However, Lookuq APIs will put its best effort in implementing the maintenance when your use of service is not impacted the most. System maintenance shall be conducted by Lookuq APIs with the following methods:

  • Maintenances that do not impact on Client’s operation shall be conducted on any date without prior notice.

  • Maintenances that impact on Client’s operation of shall be notified in advance:

    • As for periodic maintenances, 48 hours before the maintenance is started by email

    • As for emergency maintenances, at least 15 minutes before the maintenance is started by email or telephone. The total duration of the maintenance that impacts on Client’s operation in one month shall not exceed 2 hours.

3. Disclaimer

Lookuq APIs shall not be responsible for compensation in the following cases:

  • Features designated Alpha or Beta.

  • Errors that resulted from abuses or other behaviors that violate the Term of Use.

  • Errors that resulted from Client use of Service inconsistent with the Documentation, including but not limited to invalid request fields, unauthorized users, inaccessible data.

  • Cases caused by factors beyond our control such as war, fire, flood, terrorism, embargo, requests from state agencies, DNS attacks or national network issues.

  • Cases caused by any factor arising from the management and operation of the server, software and applications of Client or any third party.

  • Cases caused by any factor arising from the content(s), file(s) Client stores on Lookuq APIs system violate Vietnamese law, is accused of intellectual property infringement and/or other Lookuq API’s regulations; Client’s use of source code affects Lookuq API’s system.