Frequently asked questions

How do I login or register an account?

You can login using your Facebook or Google account. Please click on the Facebook or Google logo. Alternatively you can register an account with your email.

How can I report a problem?

Please click on Feeback icon in profile page and send us an email with your feedback?

Which languages are supported?

As of now we support English only. But we are working hard to make more languages available to our user.

Can I use the mobile app offline without internet connection?

We use sophisticated algorithms to achieve high accuracy for image recognition. Unfortunately this need a lot of compute power that a mobile phone can not process efficiently. Therefore an internet connection is needed to get prediction results from our server.

How to collaborate with Lookuq?

We welcome ideas and initiatives. If you want to collaborate with us, please send us a note via Feedback function. Thank you.

Is it possible to use the Lookuq API for my product or business?

Yes. We provide our API to business customers. Please send us inquiries via Feedback function.

How can I contribute data to Lookuq?

Contributors of visual and textual data are welcome. Please send us a note via Feedback function.

What does it mean when the app cannot identify an object?

It may means that the image is not good enough. Try taking photo from another angle, zoom in and focus on the object. Another possibility is that the app has not been "trained" to recognize this particular object. We are working hard to include more objects into the recognition model.

How to take picture for identification?

- Zoom in on the object. Try not to include too many things in the background. - Take picture of full object. Objects that are cut out would be more difficult to identify. - Focus on the object. Avoid blurry images. - Turn on flash if it is too dark.

Are all items in the database searchable with image?

We have a large number of items in our database. All of them can be browsed in categories and searched with keywords. Unfortunately, not all of them are available for image search. We are working hard to increase this number.

How to pronounce "Lookuq"?

'Lookuq' is actually an intentional misspelling of 'Look up'. So just pronouce as 'Look up'.